Is an exploration of the material bronze. Bronze consists of copper and tin...and is stronger than either metal on it’s own. Also interesting, copper and tin rarely occur naturally on the same place on earth. Meaning that bronze was created by man and trade.

These two elements combine so smoothly, why does bronze not occur in nature?

In the Two Questions bowl, I addressed this idea by pouring first tin and then copper into a mold, to see how they react and if bronze is created. Short answer, it was, but only in the swirls of the border between the two materials.

In the Two Questions table, I explored another unusual characteristic of copper and tin, that they solder extremely well to eachother. Is this soldered connection some sort of bronze? In the table, the thin copper sheet is supported by a fin of tin for strength. The new amalgam, and ratio of material is essentially bronze.

This project was exhibited in Onomatopee’s Copy Nature exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2011.

Two Questions About Bronze